Helping you make better business decisions using social media scoring.

VIGIT's technology unlocks your ability to make better business decisions by uncovering, tracking, and analyzing the social media metrics of the people in your ecosystem.


Companies and individuals didn’t have a tool that would help them quantify their social media connections across platforms


Companies and individuals couldn’t track their own growth or compare themselves to their counterparts - on social media - all in one tool


Companies couldn’t easily identify the kinds of employees or influencers that were a good fit for their company or their brand online


Now, with VIGIT, users and companies have one tool, one technology, that can do all this by guiding your social media measurement.  


Vigit unlocks your ability to know them all.  


In order to best scale and track data across social channels and their unique API’s, our proprietary algorithm aggregates engagement data, across multiple weeks, to uniquely score VIGIT users engagement and audience data into a format that is useful for sharing. 


Think of us as the  “Credit Karma” for social media.


VIGIT’s daily updated scoring is not intended to simply replace social channel analytics or track and detect false users, but rather, act as a resource to help users understand the value of their audience and their value to their respective marketplaces. 










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